Are you a pet owner who is wondering when to get your pet groomed or if you should get your pet professionally groomed? For our furry friends, proper hygiene and regular grooming is essential and a good groomer can discover health issues on your pet’s skin before you notice them.

“Grooming is as important as bringing your pet to the vet for regular checkups,” says Lauren Lakritz, an Animal Care Technician in the ASPCA’s Animal Recovery Center (ARC) and a certified professional groomer. “It’s maintaining the well-being of your animal.”

Maintaining your pet’s hygiene is important to continue at home, but getting your pet professionally groomed can be extremely beneficial.

  • Groomers Have the Right Tools

    Professional groomers have all the right scissors, razors, and other tools to ensure your dog will be looking their best. Plus groomers have shampoos and products for all types of skin irritants, allergies, fleas, and ticks. Getting your pet professionally groomed covers the hygiene of your pet from top to bottom, from their fur to their nails a groomer is going to ensure your pet is looking and feeling their best.

  • They Offer a Flexible Schedule

    Dog grooming is a common practice and it is fairly easy to find a groomer near you. Pet stores like PetSmart and Petco offering grooming at most of their locations and a quick Google search can bring up a list of local pet groomers. Some groomers even have mobile grooming and will come to you.

  • They Know How to Handle Dogs

    Groomers are professionals and know how to handle your pets. If you have a dog that is older they may feel anxious going to the groomer. Groomers are trained professionals and know how to best take care of your pet while getting a bath, their nails trimmed, and fur brushed. Getting your pet professionally groomed is also a good thing because your groomer may notice something that could be concerning that you may have otherwise missed.

  • They Do More Than Clean Your Dog

    Cleaning your dog is more than just brushing and shampooing their fur, it also comes with some not so pleasant things you need to take care of. If you get your pet professionally groomed they will take care of those things. A professional groomer knows how to properly clean anal glands, shampoo a skunked dog, and remove fleas and ticks. Leaving those things to the professionals means your dog will be taken care of and you can worry about showing them love and affection.

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