Mornings with Kristen Herrmann

Mornings with Kristen Herrmann

Mornings with Kristen Herrmann

The 2024 BEN FM Super Crawl Baby Competitors are ready. They’ve spent their entire lives (at least 7 months) preparing for this moment, crawling laps around the living room for practice. They’re chugging milk and lifting rattles with older siblings coaching from the sidelines. Proud parents are ready to cheer their little cherubs on and do whatever it takes to see those chubby little legs across into the end zone.

Witness the drama of the BEN FM Super Crawl 2024 baby crawling competition live THIS SUNDAY, February 4th at noon at Love City Brewing. Watch as sixteen babies (so far) crawl in from all over the Delaware Valley to put all that tummy time to use. Join us. The event is free, with a suggested donation of a pack of diapers, to be donated to the Sunday Love Project‘s Greater Goods store. The Greater Goods Store provides free food to the community in the heart of Kensington in Philadelphia. The store serves hundreds of people (including children) every week. They even have a small kids section complete with grocery carts for the kids to pick out healthy food options for themselves. They’re amazing. Please check out their website for more information or to make a monetary donation.

See you at the 2024 BEN FM Super Crawl! Sunday, February 4th at noon at Love City Brewing.

Is your baby of crawling age? Think they have what it takes to take home the coveted Vince LomBaby Trophy? It’s not too late to sign them up for the Super Crawl. The list of baby competitors continues to grow. HERE‘s all the info you need to sign up.




    Age: 10 1/2 months
    Representing: Upper Darby, PA
    Stats: Juliet is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! Everything makes her smile, especially her cat. If there were a cat at the finish line, Juliet would definitely win. She trains by chasing after him!



    Age: 10 months
    Representing: Bensalem, Pa
    Stats: Avery always has a smile on her face and loves Texas Road House Sweet Potatoes. She uses the sweet potatoes to bulk up before competing.

  • LILY


    Age: 12 months
    Representing: Cherry Hill, NJ
    Stats:  Motivated by chasing her canine big sister, Lily is looking forward to bringing the Vince LomBaby trophy home to her 4-legged friend.



    Age: 8 months
    Representing: Philadelphia, PA
    Stats: Finn was born into the 99th percentile for height, and started crawling at six months old. He plans to use that height to stretch across the finish line fast and first. He loves to chew on the remote control and is beginning to learn how to walk and stand independently.



    Age: 11 1/2 months
    Representing: Burlington NJ
    Stats: Sterling is an eating machine who has been bulking for this event for almost a year. Sterling will have an extra boost of energy for the competition via cake. He’s celebrating a birthday at this year’s crawl.



    Age: 11 months
    Representing: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
    Stats: Omari currently holds the world record for cutest dimples in the world. One on each side of each cheek. He uses this to make his smile absolutely contagious! Don’t let the smile fool you though, Omari is prepared to crawl as fast as needed to take that Vince LomBaby Trophy back to Lancaster.

    *Photo Courtesey of Loic Portraits



    Age: 12 months
    Representing: Philadelphia Pennsylvania
    Stats: Charlie loves to eat anything and everything , and is in the 98th percentile for weight. He uses all of this might to propel his killer crawl. Note his method of dragging one leg as he makes his way down the field toward the end zone. When adorable Charles is not training for competition, he enjoys watching Ms Rachel and Cocomelon.



    Age: 9 months
    Representing: Mantua, NJ
    Stats: Francesca absolutely LOVES to eat. She bulks up with her favorite foods, including yogurt, strawberries, bananas, shrimp, and cheeseburgers! Francesca plans to win the Vince LomBaby Trophy and then enjoy a celebratory cheeseburger.



    Age: 12 months
    Representing: Philadelphia (Fishtown),  PA
    Stats: Maxie is an avid fan of “Wheels on the Bus”. All of those repetitive motions of wipers and horns beeping strengthen her arm muscles for competition. You may do a double take during Maxie’s race too. She’s crawling alongside her twin sister Ellie.



    Age: 12 months
    Representing: Philadelphia (Fishtown),  PA
    Stats: Ellie bulks up by drinking and strength training with a bottle. With her other hand, she likes to hold hands with her twin sister. Watch out for the Maxie/Ellie double team in this year’s 2024 Super Crawl. These fiercely cute twins will be competing in the same heat!

  • CJ


    Age: 10 months
    Representing: Philadelphia, PA
    Stats: CJ is an avid eater, who’s put in lots of extra carbs ahead of the race. A big bath guy, CJ cares about his appearance and works his abs laughing at his big sister. This athlete gets his competitive nature from months spent watching and clapping for Sixers games.



    Age: 7 months old.
    Representing: Royersford, PA
    Stats: Mikey’s street name is Milk Breath. He began training for the super crawl when he was just an embryo. Mikey hasn’t found a food he dislikes. He bulks up while hanging with his two best friends, Mom and Dad. Milk Breath enjoys crying in 2 languages. When he’s not training for the BEN FM Super Crawl, he’s busy blowing raspberries at his two cats.



    Age: 7 months old
    Representing: Newark DE
    Stats: James was a super early crawler and has been getting around for over a month already. He’d like to thank his sisters and dog Kona for all of the expert training ahead of this race. He hopes to bring the Vince LomBaby Trophy home to Newark to share with his entire training crew.



    Age: 11 months
    Representing: Wissahickon, PA
    Stats: Charlotte is all about the carbs for energy to race. She dislikes diaper changes and uses her crawling speed to get away fast from whomever is changing the diaper. Charlotte’s training routine involves never sleeping. No sleep means more time to crawl.

  • JOHN


    Age: 11 months
    Representing: Wilmington, DE
    Stats: At a standing height of 2′-5″ and weighing in at 21 lbs, John has been waiting for this opportunity his entire 11 months. His favorite crawling destinations include his high chair, the cat food bowls, and anywhere he can find his big brother (coach).


    Age: 12 months
    Representing: Wilmington Delaware
    Stats: Kaiden loves using tickles as ab workouts. He strength trains by throwing things and enjoys all kinds of food to give him the energy he needs to prepare for competition. Kaiden prefers training outside, but doesn’t like some animal sounds. He also doesn’t like naps, but uses the extra time to practice crawling.

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