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There are so many cool birthday songs that aren’t “the” one everyone sings around the cake. A whole lot of people actually really dislike traditional tune, understandably.

Birthdays are not a day in which you’re supposed to be miserable. You’re supposed to have the best day ever, and you should be celebrated in the way you want. So, if you hate that old-timey birthday song, you shouldn’t have to be stuck with it. You’re actually in luck. So many modern-day artists have released their own take on a birthday song.

There’s something for every taste, so if a rap birthday song isn’t for you, there’s always, say, a country or rock one you can try out. These artists probably dislike the musty dusty old tune as well. It was about time the old thing got a more zesty rendition (or replaced altogether) anyways. Everyone deserves a birthday song that still celebrates them, but also fits their taste.

Get your loved ones to memorize the lyrics to one of these, arguably much cooler, songs to sing to you around the cake. Because you really should be on cloud nine as you blow out your candles.

Here are 13 cool birthday songs that aren’t “the” birthday song:

  • "Birthday" The Beatles

    You’ve definitely heard this one before. If classic rock is your thing, then this birthday song is your thing. It’s fun, simple, and dancey. It’s not one that forces you to reflect on how much older you’re getting.

  • "Happy Birthday" Stevie Wonder

    You can just totally jam out to this one. How can you be sad when this one is being played? This is another one you’ve probably heard before. You can’t help but tap your feet and maybe even dance!

  • "Birthday" Katy Perry

    If you just LOVE innuendos, this is a funny one to play on your birthday. It’s perfectly pop and fun for all. It’s not too explicit, but the thinly veiled inclusions in the lyrics are totally a wink for understanding adults. But, it’s not too inappropriate for kiddos!

  • "In Da Club" 50 Cent

    Now, uh, this one…this one is adults only. Not to say it’s bad! It’s very good and very fun to dance to. The lyrics are just…not for the youngins. Honestly, though, who DOESN’T want to hear “go shawty, it’s your birthday,” on their birthday?

  • "Birthday" Selena Gomez

    This is totally an underrated pick. This super dancey club track is perfect to play when you just want to party on your big day. The song itself is a party and arguably can and should be listened to on any day, not just your birthday.

  • "Happy Birthday" Steppenwolf

    “Steppenwolf made a birthday song?” is probably what you’re asking yourself right now. Yes, yes they did. It’s a slow jam, so if that’s your thing, this has your name on it. Steppenwolf is known for driving tracks like “Born to Be Wild,” so it’s nice to hear this side of them.

  • "Trip Around The Sun" Jimmy Buffett

    The king of chill songs made a chill birthday song. It’s a pretty feel-good song reminding you that even though the workd is out of your control, it’s okay. “Just enjoy this ride on my trip around the sun…”

  • "Unhappy Birthday" The Smiths

    Juuuuust in case you hate your birthday. This one’s for you. Morrissey really knows how to bring ya down, huh? Honestly, though, this is a very good song. If you’re not in a peppy, awesome mood on your birthday, and instead are feeling more melancholy, go ahead and give this a listen.

  • "Happy Birthday" New Kids On The Block

    Boyband lovers rejoice! There is a classic boyband birthday ballad just for you. Nothing beats that 90s boyband slow-jam sound.

  • "Birthday Song" Don McLean

    The “American Pie” guy has a birthday song, too. And, it’s really not bad. It’s pretty sentimental, so don’t listen if your have a propensity to cry on your birthday. It’s got a great message.

  • "Birthday Morning" The Association

    This song comes from an entire album called Birthday. So, if you have time, give the whole thing a listen. But “Birthday Morning” is a nice reflective song that isn’t too serious.

  • "Birthday Boy" Ween

    Can’t lie…this one is kinda weird. But if weird is for you, then this one is for you. It’s actually about getting broken up with on your birthday. So if you go through that, or have went through that, try listening to this one.

  • "Birthday Cake" Rihanna

    This one is short and sweet, much like “the” birthday song. It’s perfect for dancing and partying on your big day. It’s for the inner party animal that lives inside of all of us.

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