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95.7 BEN FM is home to Philadelphia’s ONLY (that we know of) full-time Dog Jockey. Her name is Gloria.

10 Things to know about Gloria

1.) I am named after the Laura Branigan song “Gloria,” NOT the Them or Patti Smith song “Gloria,” but I’ve heard those songs are also about dogs.
2.) I am a white and black pit-bull and I adopted my hooman Kristen through the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) after they found me tied to a tree in Port Richmond.
3.) Likes: Treats, swimming, long walks on the beach, and being a famous radio DJ (dog jockey).
4.) Dislikes: Chocolate, grapes, “those” whistles ?, skateboards, roller-skates and anything with tiny wheels.
5.) Self-care is a big goal for me in 2020; walk every day, drink plenty of water, get as much rest as I can.
6.) If you run water for a bath, I will join you whether you like it or not. I’ll stay in the water as long as it is warm, and I adore a nice blow-out afterwards.
7.) I am a vicious destroyer of most stuffed animals, but am merciful toward a lucky few.
8.) My preferred seat is on top of any hooman.
9.) I love wearing hooman costumes and clothes, except for hats with a brim.
10.) Scorpio. Holla!


Gloria Tries Between Art and Quarantine

Between Art and Quarantine

There’s a beautiful trend on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #TussenKunstEnQuarantaine, which means Between Art and Quarantine. CLICK HERE for the full story.

Happy Saint Pet-Tricks Day!
Saint Pet-Tricks Day

Our (dog jockey) Gloria says that working from home is an great excuse to keep your furry friends working too. Full Story HERE.

Does your dog need a job? is hiring!

As you may or may not know, BEN-FM has a full-time DJ (dog jockey) named Gloria. She finds that the job keeps her busy and gives her a sense of pawpose, you know? CLICK HERE for the full story.

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