Mornings with Kristen Herrmann

Mornings with Kristen Herrmann

Mornings with Kristen Herrmann

The 26th Annual Gift of Life Donor Dash was held early the morning of Sunday, April 16th 2023. It was great.

This was the 26th annual race. My first time, but definitely not the last. I’ll be back next year for sure. There were so many people were there. By “so many”, I mean so many people that it took 25 minutes straight to get everyone through the start line for the 3k. This didn’t not even include the 10k and 5k runners. They ran earlier. If you walked the 3k, see if you can find yourself in the video below.

As amazing as it was to see so many supporters come out, it was also a somber reminder of how many people are connected to this cause. The team names were both inspiring and heart breaking. Every team was filled with love and hope and everyone there in support of loved ones and friends.

My First 10k

There was a 10k, 5k, and 3k walk. I attempted, and successfully completed my first 10k. I almost got lazy and slept in, but I managed the 6am wake up (on a Sunday!!!). That decision was the maybe hardest part. Luckily Trudy (my 1 year old) was still sleeping when my alarm went off, and I was able to go, race at 7am, and get back to the house before she even woke up.

I’ve never been a runner, but have been running twice weekly for a few months now in order to prepare for this year’s Broad Street Run. The Broad Street Run is April 30th (2 weeks away), so this was a great training opportunity. I ran the 10k faster than I typically run. I usually have Trudy with me in the stroller, and ended up about a minute faster per mile this time around. Someone cheered for their “mom” during the race and I took the cheer for myself too. I thought of Trudy and how lucky I am to be a mom, and how patient she’s been to ride along with me these past few months running.

I also spent time thinking about how lucky I am to be healthy enough to run a race like this. I thought about the people running on either side of me with team names of family and friends that they were running in support of.  There are also so many stories of people choosing to give their organs to loved ones, and even total strangers. It’s such a selfless and incredible act of kindness. Donating life. Amazing.

Donate Life

April is Donate Life Month. I have often considered becoming a living donor, but haven’t had the courage to do it. Maybe one day. I do have organ donor on my license though, and plan to give my entire body to science one day. I can’t find any negative at all for donating. Not one. I know it’s not for everyone, but in my perfect world, organ donation would be something that someone has to opt out of, and not into. In my opinion, everyone should be an organ donor. There should never be a list of people waiting for an organ in order to continue living, while perfectly good organs go to waste. I read an article recently about an overhaul of the transplant system in the US. Good news, as it’s badly needed.

More Than A Run

More than a 10k, 5k or 3k walk, the event raised lots of money, and awareness too. Last I heard, the fundraising amount for this year was close to $350,000. You can still make a donation HERE.

There was lots more to do and see too, including a drum line, a DJ, ping pong tables, corn hole and carnival games, and to kick off the 3k walk, the St. Thomas Gospel Choir sang “Oh Happy Day” for everyone. It was beautiful, and uplifting. Check it out HERE, or below. The choir is local and more information about them can be found HERE. They have lots of photos on their website, and an album too!

Please support this incredible cause if you’re able, and please check organ donor next time you renew your license or ID. You may just save a life, or many. Hope to see you at next year’s Gift of Life Donor Dash!

~ Kristen

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