Patrice Banks of Girls Auto Clinic

This week, Kristen speaks with Patrice Banks, who is a local engineer turned mechanic... ahem… sheCANic. In 2016 she founded Girls Auto Clinic, a Pennsylvania-based repair center (and salon) staffed by and focused on women. Patrice and her sheCANics fix cars, sure, but also inform and empower women to learn new things and not be afraid to do what intimidates them. Patrice published the ‘Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide’, which covers the basics of auto repairs, maintenance, and emergencies. Pick it up as a stocking stuffer HERE. Patrice is positive, fun, inspiring and definitely someone to watch. Speaking of which - keep an eye out for her upcoming television show on Fox! Keep up with Patrice and her Girls Auto Clinic HERE and join the SHEcanics Facebook group HERE.