Jennifer Walters-Michalec shares 'Her Story' with Kathy Romano - Episode 10

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On this week's show, a new tip from Dressing Jane, then Kathy speaks with Jennifer Walters-Michalec who shares 'Her Story'.

Meet Jennifer Walters-Michalec, the woman who was an integral part in developing the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation and continues to spend her life working with organizations that drive community impact. 

Plus, Dressing Jane is back with tips on how to remove stains.  She says she was able to remove a giant red wine stain from her neighbor’s brand new gorgeous white couch! Find out how she did it this week on Her Story hosted by Kathy Romano!   

JUST ANNOUNCED -  The 1st Annual 'Her Story' Luncheon hosted by Kathy Romano is May 3rd, 2017 with special guest Harry Connick Jr.

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