'Cabaret' at The Academy of Music

Kristen had the opportunity to go check out CABARET, the latest from Broadway Philadelphia and the Kimmel Center this week, and she LOVED it. To top it off, three members of the cast stopped by the BEN-FM studio to chat with Kristen about the show.

Listen as Kristen chats with Kelsey Beckert and Ryan DeNardo - both from West Chester and members of the Kit Kat Klub Band in the show, along with one of the show's leads, Jon Peterson, who plays the 'Emcee' and was a member of the Broadway production of Cabaret. They talk about breaking the 4th wall, playing instruments as a part of the show, the risque nature of 'Cabaret' and more.

Life is a Cabaret, ol' chum. Come to the Cabaret.

At the Academy of Music in Philadelphia through Sunday, April 9th.  - with matinee and evening shows on Saturday and Sunday. Find tickets and more information HERE.