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BEN’s got a place down the shore this summer, and you can have it for a week!

Starting Monday, June 17th… Listen weekdays at 8am and 4pm for your chance to enter for a $25 Rita’s gift card! Stop by Rita’s today and try the new Kool Aid Tropical Punch Ice.

Plus, you’ll automatically be entered to win BEN’s Beach House for a week in Ocean City, New Jersey, beginning 8/24!

(Click HERE to see pictures of BEN’s Beach House)

BEN’s Beach House is brought to you by and will be stocked with Everfresh Juices and Juice Drinks, Nature’s Refreshment.

Have more fun this summer with 95.7 BEN FM!

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How to enter:

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Contest Rules

WBEN “2024 BEN’S BEACH HOUSE CONTEST” RULES These rules apply to the WBEN “BEN’S Beach House” contest (“Contest”) conducted by Beasley Media Group, LLC d/b/a WBEN (“Station”). In addition, the General Contest Rules posted at apply to this Contest. If there is a conflict between the General Contest Rules and the Rules for this Contest, the Rules for this Contest shall control.

  1. The Contest will begin on Monday, June 17, 2024 and end on Friday, June 28, 2024.
  2. To enter, listen to the Station each weekday beginning on Monday, June 17, 2024 and ending on Friday, June 28, 2024 at approximately 8:00am Eastern Time (“ET”), and 4:00pm Easter Time ("ET") listen for the announcement of a unique Contest keyword (“Keyword”). Each announcement will have a unique Keyword.  Once an entrant hears the Keyword, entrant may enter via the following method:


  1. Enter the keyword online at and follow the links and instructions to enter the Contest and complete and submit the online entry form beginning on Monday, June 17th, 2024 at 8am Eastern Time (“ET”) and ending on Friday, June 28th,  2024 at 4:30pm ET (“Online Entry Period”). Online entrants are subject to all notices posted online including but not limited to the Station's Privacy Policy.
  1. Only one (1) entry per person per Keyword is permitted. Multiple entrants are not permitted to share the same email address. Entrants are not permitted to use multiple email addresses.  The deadline to enter each Keyword is thirty (30) minutes past the hour after the airing of a cue to call (i.e. 8:30am ET and 4:30pm ET). Any email entries received after thirty (30) minutes past the hour or any text message entries with the incorrect Keyword will be disqualified. Up to one (1) Qualifier will be selected for each Keyword announcement as described below in Section 4. An entrant may only be deemed a Qualifier once.


  1. There will be up to a total of twenty (20) Qualifying Prize winners and one (1) Grand Prize winner selected in the Contest.
  1. This Contest is open to all Station listeners who are 24 years of age or older as of the date of entry into the Contest, who are legal US residents and reside in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, except where prohibited by law. Winners must possess a valid, government-issued ID and show proof of residency to verify eligibility.
  1. Up to twenty (20) Qualifying Prizes will be awarded. Each Qualifying Prize is a $25 Rita's gift card. Retail Value (“ARV”) of each Qualifying Prize is $25. The winner will be solely responsible for all taxes and all other fees and expenses not specified herein associated with the receipt and use of the prize(s). The prize(s) is awarded as is. The gift cards are not refundable or transferable, and may not be substituted or exchanged for cash or credit at any time, nor will tickets be replaced if lost or stolen. The gift cards may not be sold to a third party.
  2. Up to one (1) Grand Prize will be awarded. The Grand Prize is a seven (7) night stay at the “BEN’s Beach House” in Ocean City, NJ, for the Grand Prize winner and up to five (5) overnight guests. Any minors staying in the house must be with a parent or guardian.  Dates are fixed and cannot be changed or extended.  ARV of the Grand Prize is $3,000. The stay must be completed between Saturday, August 24, 2024 and Saturday, August 31, 2024 or Prize will be forfeited.Beach House Details: Check in is 2pm on the first Saturday of the stay; check out is 10am on the following Saturday. Transportation, meals, security deposit, beach house fees, and all other expenses are the sole responsibility of the winner.  Winner and guests must comply with all rules and regulations established by the Beach House landlord, and will be responsible for any violation of the rules or damage to the Beach House.  A $85 processing fee will be charged to each winner as well as a $50 insurance fee. Both fees are non-refundable and, along with signed lease agreement, will be required before winner receives the keys to the Beach House.  NO PETS are allowed in the beach house.  NO SMOKING is allowed in the beach house. Winners are responsible for bringing their own towels and bed linens.To claim the Grand Prize, winner must agree to enter into a standard lease allowing for use of the beach house and requires the Grand Prize winner to present a valid credit card number before winner receives the keys to the Beach House. Credit card to be used if any damages or expenses are incurred.  Grand Prize winner must agree to specific terms of lease and adhere to all rules and regulations pertaining to renting the home.  Grand Prize winner will be solely responsible for damages to or losses at the beach house except normal wear and tear and unavoidable casualty.  If a Grand Prize is forfeited for any reason, it may be awarded to an alternate potential winner, at the Station’s sole and absolute discretion, (time permitting) in a random drawing from among the remaining weekly Qualifying Prize winners.  Grand Prize winner will be solely responsible for all taxes, insurance liability and all other fees and expenses not specified herein associated with the receipt and use of the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize is awarded as is.Potential winner is subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with these Official Rules. The potential winner will be subject to a background check before a Grand Prize is awarded. Station and/or Grand Prize provider reserve the right to disqualify a potential winner based on the results of such background check if Station and/or Grand Prize provider determine in its sole discretion that awarding a Grand Prize to any such individual might reflect negatively on the Station and/or Grand Prize provider. Upon verification of eligibility, Station will contact the winner to arrange Grand Prize fulfillment. If a potential winner is found to be ineligible, is not in compliance with these Official Rules, declines to accept a Grand Prize, or any winner notification is returned as undeliverable or a potential winner fails to respond to a winner notification within the timeframe specified in such winner notification, the Grand Prize may be forfeited. Grand Prizes are not transferable and include only the items specifically listed as part of the Grand Prize. No substitution or cash equivalent of Grand Prize is permitted except at the sole discretion of the Station. If a Grand Prize, or any portion thereof, cannot be awarded for any reason, Station reserves the right to substitute a Grand Prize or portion thereof with another prize of equal or greater value. Any portion of Prize not accepted by winner will be forfeited. Federal, state, and local taxes on a Grand Prize and any expenses relating to the acceptance of and use of the Prize not specified herein are the responsibility of the Prize winner. Station will issue an IRS Form 1099-MISC for the winner. ARV is as of the time these Official Rules were printed and the value of the Prize may fluctuate. A winner is not entitled to any difference between the ARV and the actual value of a Grand Prize at the time the Prize is awarded. All other costs and expenses not expressly set forth herein shall be solely the winner’s responsibility. The Station shall not be held responsible for any delays in awarding a Grand Prize for any reason. The Grand Prize will only be awarded to a verified winner.TRANSPORTATION IS NOT PROVIDED AS PART OF THE PRIZE.  WINNER AND GUEST MUST ARRANGE FOR THEIR OWN TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM THE BEACH HOUSE.  STATION IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CHARGES INCURRED AS PART OF THE TRAVEL TO/FROM THE BEACH HOUSE. Actual value may vary. Any difference between stated value and actual value will not be awarded.  Certain restrictions may apply.  Beach house arrangements must be made through the Station or its designee.  All other costs not specifically stated herein, including but not limited to those of, taxes, travel expenses, meals, tips and transportation, room incidentals, are the responsibility of the winner.  The winner and guest(s) must sign a Publicity and Liability Waiver Release form prior to claiming the prize(s). If a prize-related event is unable to take place as scheduled, for reasons such as cancellation, preemption, postponement or unavailability, including for weather, or for any reason beyond the control of the Station, their sole responsibility to the Prize winner will be to award the remaining available elements of the Prize and no substitution or compensation will be provided for the unawarded elements of the Prize.  No refund or compensation will be made in the event of the cancellation or delay of any prize-related event.Prizes or prize certificates must be claimed as described by the Station at the time of winning. Failure to claim Prize by the specified time will result in forfeiture of the prize. It is the winner’s sole responsibility to claim the Prize or prize certificate within the timeline provided in these Official Rules.
  1. Up to twenty (20) total Qualifiers will be selected as follows:Up to one (1) Qualifier will be selected in a Station-conducted random drawing for each keyword.Potential Qualifier will be notified by phone and/or email promptly following the random drawing held throughout the contest.   Non-selected entries will not rollover into subsequent random drawings in the Contest.  Entries will only be valid for the random drawing associated with that unique Keyword.
  2. Up to one (1) Grand Prize winner will be selected at approximately 9:00am ET on August 1, 2024 in a Station-conducted random drawing from all Qualifiers.Potential Grand Prize winner will be notified by phone promptly following the random drawing. Potential Grand Prize winner must answer the notification phone call on the first attempt to be eligible to claim the Grand Prize. If the potential Grand Prize winner does not answer the notification phone call on the first attempt, he/she will be disqualified, and the Station may select an alternate Grand Prize winner from all remaining Qualifiers.
  3. Odds of winning a Qualifying Pri

    Celebrities Who Have A Birthday In June

    People born in June are either a Gemini (May 21 – June 20) or a Cancer (June 21 – July 22). Gemini is an air sign symbolized by the celestial twins. A Gemini’s traits include being social, talkative, and whimsical, but they can also be indecisive or nosy. A Gemini is known for constantly juggling a variety of passions, hobbies, and careers.

    glowing neon sign of Gemini with blurred bokeh background.

    Geminis born in the month of June tend to be intellectually curious and very much friendship and partnership-oriented. The sign is known to be social, with a big level of importance put on friendships and relationships. When it comes to creativity, June Geminis rarely have trouble coming up with new ideas. The air sign is also known to be quite intellectual and tends to enjoy keeping themselves well-informed. June-born Geminis tend to be more passionate about fighting against social injustices than their May counterparts.

    Cancer Season Begins

    June 21 marks the beginning of Cancer season, the crab. This water sign is ruled by the moon, so this sign is known to be highly intuitive and has emotional, maternal, and nurturing traits. Like their celestial spirit animal, Cancers are shielded by hard, external shells. At first, these crabs may be perceived as cold or distant, but with time, Cancers will warm up to reveal their gentle nature and empathy.

    June Cancers tend to be the caregivers of the people in their lives. Compassionate with a goofy sense of humor, you can rely on Cancers. Cancers born in June are known to embody the typical Cancer traits, like being comfort-seeking, super sensitive, and nurturing. Some of the most legendary actors, musicians, and figures were born in the month of June.

    Take a look below at which celebrities have a birthday in June:

    ze depend on the number of eligible online entries received for each Keyword’s respective random drawing. Odds of a Qualifying Prize winner winning the Grand Prize are up to 1 in 20.

  4. Entrants must listen to Station to acquire the Keyword but need not be present to win a Qualifying Prize. The Qualifying Prize winners do not need to listen to the Station or be present to win the Grand Prize.
  5. Grand Prize winner must confirm acceptance of prize within five (5) days of winning, or risk disqualification and selection of an alternate Grand Prize winner (time permitting) in a random drawing of all remaining Qualifiers.


  1. Decisions of Station management with respect to the Contest are final.
    1. The Station reserves the right to end any contest or amend these rules upon announcement on air and by publication at
    2. By use of the Station’s website and by entering this Contest, entrants agree to the Station’s Terms of Service Agreement and to the use of Personal Information as stated in the Privacy Policy located at
    3. Copies of the written Contest rules and a list of all winners are available during regular business hours at the main studio of the Station, One Bala Plaza – Suite 401, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004, or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Station.

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