Wawa Brings Back Schwarberfest Ahead of Philadelphia Phillies Wild Card Series

Schwarberfest is back at Wawa! Yes, we know that Wawa has pizza, but thanks to Kyle Schwarber, they have discounted hoagies too! For a limited time, customers who order on the Wawa App can get Shortis for $5 and Classics for $6. The promotion begins Tuesday, October 3 and runs through the end of the post-season. Schwarberfest launched in October 2022. That’s when Phillies fans noticed that Kyle Schwarber was hitting bombs game after game during the company’s summer Hoagiefest celebration. With some great marketing, quick planning, and a little bit of nudging from the internet, Schwarberfest was born. And it worked! Wawa announced the decision to kick off the promotion right before first pitch of game 1 of the NLCS. Schwarber responded with a 488 homerun. “Our home team has done it again by earning another hard-fought postseason berth so we’re bringing ‘Schwarberfest’ back to show our support and hopefully help our hometown team bring home a championship trophy,” said Alex Costabile, Chief Customer Officer, Wawa. Grab your $5 Shortis and $6 Classics before cheering on the Phils tonight. First pitch is at 8:08pm.  [select-listicle listicle_id="943066" syndication_name="13-great-moments-the-philadelphia-phillies-gave-us-this-season-so-far" description="yes"]