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Paid $3,310 to get the flu?

Get your flu shot yet? I haven't. Yet. I meant to do it this past weekend, but will soon, I promise! Normally we'd all work hard to avoid getting the flu, but for anyone brave though (and maybe in need of a little cash this season), researchers are looking for a group of volunteers to sign up to intentionally become infected with the flu. They want to study and monitor the symptoms and severity and will pay volunteers for their time and trouble. The trials are happening in four locations: Saint Louis, Baltimore, Durham, and Cincinnati. Once infected, you must remain at the clinic (under quarantine) for at least a week, and then participate in followup visits. Participants must be 18-50 years old (plus a number of other eligibility requirements), and the pay is approximately $3,310. The name of this trial is the H1N1v Virus Challenge Study in Healthy Subjects - and it’s coded NCT04044352. Find eligibility requirements and more information HERE.