A Few Healthy Easter Candy Choices

Time is running out to buy Easter candy. Help yourself and grab a few healthy candy choices. You're going to eat most of it yourself. Because you (read as I), can't control yourself (myself). It’s a slippery slope once the bag is opened. Before you know it 15 fun-sized bags of Starburst jellybeans are gone. No surprise that all those Starburst are not healthy for you, but there are a few healthy Easter candy choices. Easter falls at a time when we're all beginning to shed our winter clothing and probably want to look our best as summer approaches. So if you’re trying to get yourself in fighting shape, maybe try a few healthier Easter candy choices. These are on the healthier side of the candy spectrum, but it’s still not okay to take down an entire bag of them. If you’re having candy that has multiple elements in it then you’re on the right track. I'm talking candy with chocolate, peanuts, pretzels, and even raisins! Dietician Rose Britt had explained to USA Today what constitutes a healthy candy. Healthy Easter Candy? The healthiest of the chocolate candies turns out to be Peanut M&M’s. Kind of makes sense since 85% of each piece is peanut. Thin milk chocolate and candy shell. Not only are they the healthiest, but they’re also the best type of M&M. Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup are the runners-up. These 3 have multiple components so you’re not just eating sugar and corn syrup.   If chocolate isn’t your thing you can still find a sugary healthy candy. The healthiest sugary one hasn’t changed in 70+ years. Smarties. A candy that 4 generations have grown up with. Did you know that Smarties actually have flavors? I didn’t and even after reading what the flavors are, I’m pretty sure they’re lying. From the Smarties wiki page: White: orange cream Yellow: pineapple Pink: Cherry Green: strawberry Purple: grape Orange: orange Green strawberries are not edible. A roll of Smarties is only 25 calories and 6.9 grams of sugar. Not too bad. Smarties are my mother-in-law's secret weapon for bribing my children. At least she's doing it with semi-healthy candy. If you have held off and haven’t purchased any Easter candy yet, you might be in luck. The only candy left on the shelves might actually be bags of Smarties! [select-listicle listicle_id="955226" syndication_name="easter-egg-decorating-ideas-pop-culture" description="yes"]

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