Charlie Maxx

Visit New Jersey Like “The Boss”

The Asbury Park Press is capitalizing on all things Bruce Springsteen!  They are beginning a special project called "My Hometown" on their website  According to the article, you'll be able to visit spots around the Jersey Shore that helped make Bruce Springsteen, well, Bruce Springsteen. It will include stories, photos and videos that will be accompanied by an interactive map that lets you decide where to go, from Sandy Hook to Belmar. Bill Canacci who writes for the Asbury Park Press says, "The sites, for the most part, have withstood the test of time — and offer a glimpse into the Jersey Shore of 50 years ago, when Springsteen’s art was being shaped." The boardwalk, Asbury Park, Madame Marie?  Will they all show up?  Only one way to know, take a walk through "My Hometown" and find out.  Heads up,, does have a limit to how many free articles you can read, so you might hit a paywall.  I think Bruce would be kind of disappointed in that.  Whatever happened to the "Glory Days" of free online articles?

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