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5 Times Bono Was Even Better Than The Real Thing

Bono celebrates his birthday today (May 10), and since the release of U2’s 1980 debut album, the man born Paul David Hewson has evolved into one of the best frontmen of all time. So, how do you pay tribute to someone like Bono, who prides himself on wearing his heart on his sleeve? By having a little fun at his expense, because even Bono knows how ridiculous he can be sometimes. Here are five times Bono was even better than the real thing. (Get it?!)   Spinal Tap For U2’s massive PopMart Tour, the band had a giant prop in the shape of a lemon covered in reflective mirrors from which they emerged night after night.  That is, of course, until the lemon malfunctioned and U2 got stuck inside one fateful show. [embed][/embed]   The Devil As part of the ZooTV tour, Bono would dress head-to-toe in gold and don red horns to become MacPhisto, a pseudo-devil in a not-so-subtle disguise that would frequently place prank calls to a then-President George H.W. Bush.  It was good times, to say the least. [embed][/embed]   Your Cuddling Significant Other On the DVD for Elevation 2001: Live From Boston, Bono pulls a fan from the crowd while performing “With Or Without You” and just cuddles with her while he sings.  He caps off the song with a sweet kiss, which creates the perfect fan reaction.  Honestly, it's hard not to feel all warm and fuzzy after watching this clip. [embed][/embed]   The Beatles CALM DOWN, BEATLE-MANIACS!  No one is quite like The Fab Four, but Bono’s cover of “I Am The Walrus” from the film Across The Universe is quite good. [embed][/embed]   A Pro Cyclist Okay, okay…this one, on the surface, might be in poor taste considering Bono’s nasty cycling accident in New York City’s Central Park back in 2014 that resulted in a crazy amount of surgery, but in 2016, Bono raffled off an afternoon bike ride in support of his charity (RED), and the ride went off without a hitch!  Look how much fun he’s having! [embed][/embed] U2: Their 50 Best Songs, Ranked [gallery ids="580706,580707,580708,580709,580710,580711,580712,580713,580714,580715,580716,580717,580718,580719,580720,580721,580722,580723,580724,580725,580726,580727,580728,580729,580730,580731,580732,580733,580734,580735,580736,580737,580738,580739,580740,580741,580742,580743,580744,580745,580746,580747,580748,580749,580750,580751,580752,580753,580754,580755,"]