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Happy National Good Neighbor Day!

How close are you with your neighbors? If you don’t know many, today is the day to get to know them.

Originally National Next Door Neighbor Day and originating back in 1973, President Nixon launched the holiday saying, “We cannot expect to have good neighbors, unless we are ready to be good neighbors, to go out of our way to extend friendship and support to those who live near us.” Can’t argue with that.

According to the National Good Neighbor Day website, “It Starts With Hello.” A simple hello. Absolutely doable.

Some other easy ways to be a good neighbor:

  • Host a block party or neighborhood get-together.
  • Meet up with a neighbor today or help them out with a task.
  • Make an effort to meet your neighbors. (Introduce yourself. Learn their names. Exchange phone numbers.)
  • Visit a park in your neighborhood. Talk to the people there.
  • Restock your local little free library or free Blockbuster.
  • Reach out to your block captain or community leaders. Ask how you can help.

Find more tips on the National Good Neighbor Day website HERE. Wishing you better relationships with your neighbors, and hopefully lifelong friends!

Are you a Good Neighbor? Check out this Ted Talk to find out.


National Good Neighbor Day

I pledge to be the "good neighbor." With the goal of becoming a more connected and caring community, I will be a person who lives with kindness and concern for my neighbors. I'll take the first step by connecting with neighbors and introduce myself.

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