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Getting bit by mosquitos? Like beer? Those two might be related.

According to a recent study (according to Coors Light), a person who consumes even 12 ounces of beer is more likely to be eaten alive by those pesky summer bugs. So if you’re getting bitten more than everyone else and you drink beer – that could be why.

You may be a candidate for the Coors Light Thirst Trap. A sort of cap for your beer that attracts the mosquitos, and then traps them inside. Don’t drink that beer though. That beer now belongs to the mosquitos. A sacrifice for them to (hopefully) leave you alone.

Coors Light says they’re the official drink of humans, and the unofficial drink of mosquitos, and they’re ready for both.

Purchase the Coors Light Thirst Trap now through August 5th for $5 at They release several of these ‘thirst traps’ each weekday beginning at 10am CST.

Drink your beer in peace this summer, and save one for the bugs too. Everyone deserves a chance to get their buzz on right?

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