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Chief Candy Officer. Basically, get paid to eat candy.
I was born for this job. The sweetest opportunity ever.
Candy Funhouse on the hunt to find the world’s first and only Chief Candy Officer! They will be the head taste tester and lead the company’s candyologists. It sounds made up, but not only is it real – the position pays six figures! The Chief Candy Officer will be paid $100,000 annually to EAT CANDY and it’s also a work from home position (with the option to work out of Newark, NJ or Toronto, Canada).
I’ve never applied for a job that I am already actively doing on a daily basis for free. This is it. I have a lifetime of experience. Let’s do this.
There’s bound to be quite a lot of competition though. The position is open to anyone residing in North America ages 5+, so YES, even kids have the opportunity to apply. All you need is a love for candy, and a sweet tooth! No further experience necessary. 

Work for Candy Funhouse, North America’s largest online candy retailer. Their new Chief Candy Office will lead the “FUNhouse” Candy Strategy. This includes approving all candy in inventory and deciding whether or not to award each treat with the official “CCO (Chief Candy Officer) Stamp of Approval”.

Oh, and yes. They do offer a dental benefits package. Phew!’ The deadline to apply is August 31st. Apply HERE.

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