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Queen + Adam Lambert and Duran Duran are just some of the big names booked for Platinum Party at The Palace, the concert event honoring the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Taking place on Saturday, June 4 and streaming across BBC’s various radio/television/online platforms, the concert also features Andrew Lloyd Webber, Nile Rodgers, Alicia Keys, Andrea Bocelli, Diana Ross, Elton John and Rod Stewart.

According to Deadline, “Aping Brian May’s Golden Jubilee performance on the roof of Buckingham Palace 20 years ago, Queen + Adam Lambert will open the event with specially produced performance. Elton John, has recorded a special performance from Italy…The Platinum Party stage design consists of three stages, linked by walkways in front of Buckingham Palace and The Queen Victoria Memorial. Two of the stages sit directly in front of the palace, the first time the Queen’s home residence has been framed in that way.”

Full details on the event can be found at


Duran Duran: Ranking the 7 Music Videos of 'Rio'

  • 7. ‘My Own Way’

    The video for “My Own Way” was a pretty easy choice for last place. It’s not a bad video, per se, but compared to the rest of the evocative videos that make up this list, a flashy performance video just doesn’t measure up.

  • 6. ‘Lonely In Your Nightmare’ (Version 2)

    Fun fact: There are two versions of the “Lonely In Your Nightmare” music video! While both share the same narrative, “Version 2” features fewer interactions between Simon Le Bon and model Vanya Seager and is, thus, far less sensual.

  • 5. ‘Save A Prayer’

    “Save A Prayer” is the third single from Rio and the second video in the Russell Mulcahy trilogy from the LP, with the other videos being “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio.” The trilogy was filmed with Sri Lanka, with the video highlighting various beach views, Buddhist temple ruins and, of course, John Taylor getting water sprayed on him by on elephant. While that latter part is certainly whimsical, the video, itself, still maintains a sense of melancholy as echoed in the tender song about a one-night stand.

  • 4. ‘Lonely In Your Nightmare’

    The magic of the “Lonely In Your Nightmare” video is the chemistry between Simon Le Bon and model Vanya Seager, and the various points in the video where Le Bon gently sings in Seager’s ear, “Because you’re lonely in your nightmare/Let me in.” It’s a type of heat that still holds up today.

  • 3. ‘The Chauffeur’

    This noir-style music video is too risqué to post due to NSFW imagery, but it’s certainly worth a watch as it is beautifully shot and incredibly sexy without being exploitive. (You can watch it here for yourself.)

    Before Rio, Duran Duran made waves with the music video for “Girls On Film,” which even director Kevin Godley told Yahoo, “I don’t honestly think it would get made today…Let’s face it, it was emblematic of the time, more than anything else.” However, the videos for Rio took a distinct turn. As Yahoo Music Editor in Chief Lyndsey Parker noted in a retrospective in honor of Rio‘s 40th anniversary, “Part of Rio’s appeal for female fans was undoubtedly its pro-woman imagery. Along with the [Patrick] Nagel [album] cover, the band’s bold music video castings…always depicted strong, self-assured women, almost like Nagel ladies sprung to life. This was a welcome contrast from the usual video vixens that starred other exploitative clips of the era.”

  • 2. ‘Rio’

    Finally! A depiction of yachting that doesn’t look like a WASP-y Ralph Lauren ad! For real, if sailing was actually as sexy like what we saw in the video for “Rio,” much more of us would be inclined to take to the sea. (At least this writer would.) Between the cheeky phone scene to John Taylor’s brief fantasy sequence to the sight of Simon Le Bon in a speedo, “Rio” is a picturesque delight.

  • 1. 'Hungry Like the Wolf'

    It’s the song and music video that truly broke Duran Duran in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. Inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark, Andy Taylor would perfectly describe the video in his 2008 memoir Wild Boy: My Life in Duran Duran as “Indiana Jones is horny and wants to get laid.” One look at stunning model Sheila Ming, and yeah…you can understand the motive. Add in that iconic table flip and you have one of the greatest music videos of all time.

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