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Gene Simmons, who said back in August he wasn't 'worried if an idiot gets COVID and dies,' has spoken out on people who remain unvaccinated against COVID-19 referring to them as “an enemy.”

Simmons’ comments came from an appearance on TalkShopLive after he mentioned how everyone who took part in KISS Kruise X were required to be fully vaccinated.

Simmons began, “I don’t care about your political beliefs. You are not allowed to infect anybody just because you think you’ve got rights that are delusional, of course. You don’t have the right to go through a red light; actually, the government has the right to tell you to stop. You have to put on a seat belt.”

He continued, “If they tell you you can’t smoke in a building, you can’t smoke in a building. And that’s not because they wanna take away your rights; that’s because the rest of us hate it. We don’t wanna smell your smoke. I don’t wanna catch your disease. I don’t wanna risk my life just ’cause you wanna go through a red light. This whole idea, this delusional, evil idea that you get to do whatever you want and the rest of the world be damned is really terrible. You’ve gotta identify those people and bring ’em out into the open, so you know who they are.”

Simmons would add, “Know who your friends are by how much they care about you. That includes COVID. If you’re willing to walk among us unvaccinated, you are an enemy.”

Simmons would dig in further on anti-vaxxers, those who believe the pandemic is some sort of hoax and, perhaps, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers by saying, “For those that don’t believe this is real, over five million human beings have died from COVID. I know — there are Flat Earth Society people who believe in all sorts of things [who say] they died because they were fat or because they smoked. No, bitch — they died because they got COVID. And there are still a lot of people who don’t believe that, and you have to find out who those people are. I don’t care if you play football or not — stay away from evil people who don’t care about your health.”

Simmons would conclude his rant by touching on how the COVID-19 vaccine has become politicized saying, “It has become political, unfortunately. The far left and the far right are both evil; they both spread all kinds of nonsense. I don’t like either one of them. Politics are the enemy. Humanism and humanity is what we should all be concerned about. Love thy neighbor as thyself. For god’s sakes, if I’m gonna yawn in your presence, I’m gonna put my hand up in front of my mouth. Yawning is not a life-threatening event. You having COVID might be a life-threatening event, and I don’t wanna catch it.”


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