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A teenager shared a list of 11 rules her boyfriend sent to her before she went off to college, which prompted her to dump him, and gone viral on TikTok.

TikTok user @ccarollynn posted a now-removed video showing the text message she received from her now ex-boyfriend, saved as “mistake” in her contacts.

Per The Independent, college-bound Carolyn said in the “I wish I was joking” video, “I thought it would be funny to read the rules my crazy, controlling ex-boyfriend sent me before I left for college.”

The message began as: “Rules for Carolyn: PAY ATTENTION.”

The following is his list of rules:

“Don’t ignore me after reading this
never turn off your life360, find my iphone, or Snap location
approve all outfits you wear past me and my mom
do not come in contact with boys by 25 or more feet
absolutely no drinking
no crop tops or tight clothing
be in your dorm by 9pm every night and facetime me so I know you are alone
no frat parties, house parties, dorm parties etc
no wearing other boys clothing
no comparing hand sizes with other boys, hugging, kissing etc
never take off the ring I gave you.”

Carolyn appeared to have responded simply “wtf.”

She commented on each rule as she read them off.

“I don’t see what you or your mom have to do with what I wear, thanks,” she said about the clothing rule. “I guess I don’t go to classes with boys or boy professors anymore, sorry – dropping out,” she said sarcastically. “Rule number five – no drinking – guess I’m dying of dehydration I guess,” she added.

She later added in the comments: “I’m by no means glamorizing controlling relationships. I just thought it was funny he thought he had that control.”

In a follow-up video, Carolyn responded to a user who asked how she replied to the boyfriend, in which she said this was the point when she realized that she “didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore – I made that very clear”.

She said she notified his parents about his rules to her, noting that any responsibility “would now fall on them because I made them aware.” She added that she blocked him on everything saying, “I do not stand for anybody to be mentally abused, physically abused … it is never okay.”


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