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Keith Moon left this world on September 7, 1978. Regarded as one of the best drummers of all time, he also might be one of the funniest characters in rock history as well.

From hotel shenanigans to on-stage antics and everywhere in between, celebrate the life of Keith Moon by watching these funny videos.


The Who Reminisce on Their First Gig With Moon

Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and John Entwistle sat down for an interview and talked about their late friend, particularly the first show they ever performed with him…where he wrecked his own kit.

Moon the Loon

The WHO remember legendary and infamous crazy-man drummer, Keith Moon.


Keith Moon on Trashing Hotel Rooms

Here, Moon himself talks about a particularly infamous moment on The Rolling Stone 10th Anniversary Special where one waterbed managed to ruin three hotel rooms. What follows is a fun skit featuring Steve Martin where Moon ruins a hotel room set in real-time.

Keith Moon on The Rolling Stone 10th Anniversary Special (1977)

Appearing on The Rolling Stone 10th Anniversary Special in 1977, Keith Moon tells one of his great hotel room destruction stories, and then gives a practical demonstration. Also seen here are Billy Preston, Melissa Manchester, Phoebe Snow and Steve Martin.


Alice Cooper on his favorite Moon Stories

Spoiler: One of them involves a French Maid’s uniform.

Behind the Scenes with Alice Cooper - Keith Moon

Alice Cooper regales about drummer from The Who, Keith Moon, in this behind the scenes exclusive video. Check out for more, and the chance to win your own Alice Cooper signed Fretlight guitar. Fretlight Guitars are premium guitars with the world's only built-in LED learning system, enabling players to learn up to 10 times faster.


Helen Mirren on When Keith Moon Nearly Crashed One of Her Stage Performances

We’ll leave it to Dame Helen to explain how Moon almost joined her on stage during a play in London. It’s too good for words.

Helen Mirren's Keith Moon story on Conan (2008)

Helen Mirren tells the story of when she met Who-drummer Keith Moon. From Late Night with Conan O'Brien in 2008.


Keith Moon: Classic Images of the Iconic Drummer

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