It’s mid-July but the release of pumpkin is upon us and fans of the seasonal flavor will want to get their hands on Shipyard Brewing Company’s newest release, Pumpkinhead Hard Seltzer.

This limited-release is only 2 grams of sugar and 110 calories but packed with pumpkin pie flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. Pumpkinhead Ale was first created and brewed at the Kennebunkport Brewing Company, in 1994, before moving home to Shipyard Brewing Co. where it has been a leader in the Fall seasonal craft beer category and continues to grow nationally.

“Pumpkinhead Ale has been wildly popular since we introduced it and began nationwide distribution in in the late 90’s.  Given the momentum of the hard seltzer market and after a flood of requests from Pumpkinhead faithful, we decided to create what we think is a perfect partner to Pumpkinhead Ale.  We anticipated some early response about the timing of the release, and overall, we are seeing positive comments online, and an even better response from people who have tasted it.  Each year, our business goes into hyper drive brewing and distributed truck loads of Pumpkinhead around the country, so we wanted to get infront of that with the limited release of Pumpkinhead Seltzer this year”, said Bruce/Fred Forsley, President of Shipyard Brewing Co.

“We will be watching and taking in all feedback this year regarding the product itself, timing in the market and how the seltzer is purchased alongside the beer to determine a long-term strategy for Pumpkinhead Seltzer.  What is obvious early on is that seltzer drinkers are interested and like the subtle spice flavors of Pumpkinhead along with the low sugar and calories we have been able to produce with this product.  We’re confident in the drink itself and where and how it will play its part in the Pumpkinhead line up”, commented Shipyard’s newly appointed COO, Dave Phillips.

The seltzer is brewed in small batches so a there is a very limited release of Pumpkinhead Hard Seltzer which hit stores July 18th.