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In April the American Heart Associating encourages everyone to Move More! We want to give you a few exercise ideas to help you and your family move more. Ohand of course you’ll need to look stylish while doing all these great fun activities.

BOTE Inflatable Kayak

BOTE Board kayak

If you’re looking for a really fun workout while being able to take in the scenery then kayaking is the way to go. This one-seater kayak from BOTE is not only inflatable, but it also can transition into a paddleboard within a few minutes.

Buy it now on BOTE Board.

Skateboard for all Levels

skateboard from OutdoorMaster

Have an aspiring Tony Hawk at home? Consider getting them a skateboard. These cool skateboards from Outdoor Master come in four different colors and are great for any skill level.

You can order one now from OutdoorMaster.

Home Tennis Starter Pack

home tennis kit from oncourt offcourt

Not everyone has access to a tennis court at home. That’s where this at-home tennis starter pack comes in. You can use this starter pack to convert your driveway, basement, patio, even the cul-de-sac into your tennis court. Each kit comes with foam hand racks that work well for people for all ages6 foam balls, and one mini net. Plus, the adjustable net can be used for badminton and volleyball, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just one fun activity.

Buy it now from OnCourt OffCourt.

Kids Pop Up Soccer Goal

portable soccer goal

It’s the perfect time of year to play some soccer. This pop-up soccer goal is really great for kids or anyone looking to run around, practice some drills, and just have fun. The set comes with 2 large 6-foot foldable soccer goals, 6 cones, and a carrying case

Get it now from AMAZON.

Men’s Outfit Choice

Under Armour men's shirt

blue under armour men's shorts

For more serious workouts, these Under Armour shorts and short sleeve shirt are a great addition to your closet. Both the shorts and short sleeves are “loose, light, and keep you cool.” They come in multiple sizes, colors, and even lengths to help you achieve the best, most comfortable workout possible.

Buy them now from Under Armour.

Women’s Choice Outfit

white women's under armour shirt

Under Armour women's legging

Women looking for the best workout leggings look no farther than these Under Armour No-Slip Waistband Ankle Leggings. Not only do they come with a pocket for your cell phone, but they are made of the UA Tech material which helps you stay cool while you enjoy your workout.

And what’s a workout outfit with only half the wardrobe? We love this Under Armour Fly-By Tank because not only is it stylish, but it also has “mesh panels & open back detail for added breathability” making your workout really successful.

Order them now on Under Armour.

Boys Outfit Choice

black boys Under Armour tshirt

blue boys under armour shorts

What better to get the kids up and going than to hook them up with some new exercise clothes. You can’t go wrong with these Under Armour shorts and t-shirt Made with material that wicks sweat and dries fast, they’re a solid choice for kids on the move.

Buy them from Under Armour.

Girls Outfit Choice

girls pink Under Armour tshirts

blue girls under armour shorts

Who doesn’t love of comfy, cute, and reliable graphic tee? Your kids will love this option from Under Armour.  Pair it with their Fly-By-Shorts that feature strategic mesh, a key pocket, and reflective hits, and your kids are ready to hit the field or the backyard.

Get these now from Under Armour.

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