Victory Brewing Company is jumping into the rapidly growing hard seltzer space with Victory Waves, a new line of expertly crafted hard seltzers.

“We know that our consumers are drinking more than craft beer today.  They are drinking across categories.  Wine, spirits, and hard seltzers are all part of the consideration set in their various drinking occasions.  And, while there are many big players in the hard seltzer space, there is an opportunity to deliver a high-quality seltzer experience that comes from a brand that consumers across our home region identifies with,” says Derek Detenber, chief marketing officer.  “Victory’s passion for delivering the best tasting products for those memorable moments in life applies not only to our extensive craft beer offerings, but it also extends to this new line of craft hard seltzers.”

At launch, Victory Waves will be supported by a program called Summer on Repeat.  A music centric campaign that features a sweepstakes to win a VIP concert experience and introduces fans to Victory’s curated summer playlists on Spotify.

“Consumers tell us that the hard seltzer occasion is really driven by bringing people together and having fun – at a bar, in the backyard, at the pool, or at the beach.  Another key element of those same experiences is very often music.  So, we thought this campaign brought two sensorial elements of these memorable experiences together,” Detenber continued.

Launching in late April 2021, Victory Waves Craft Hard Seltzer will be available in a 12-count variety pack.

The Victory Waves Variety Pack is made up of four straight forward, popular flavors – Lime, Mango, Mixed Berry, and Orange.

While familiar, the Victory Waves varieties have natural flavors and are naturally sweetened with monk fruit, creating a more refreshing, and crushable hard seltzer.

With Victory Waves you get a craveable craft hard seltzer that is well-balanced with no after taste.  Each Victory Waves contains 100 calories per 12oz can and has less than 1g of sugar.  They are also naturally gluten-free.  Victory Waves’ bright color palette and playful ombre aesthetic are a perfect reminder that craft beverages should taste great and be fun.

Victory Waves will be available regionally, in PennsylvaniaNew JerseyMarylandDelawareVirginiaConnecticut, and Washington DC.

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