Today, Insomnia Cookies announced the launch of CookieMagic™, the nation’s first “unlimited cookie” membership. Insomnia created CookieMagic™ based on feedback from loyal customers and emerging trends showing a growing demand for cookies across the country1.

“We are excited to bring CookieMagic™ to our loyal Insomniacs, who can enjoy a free cookie whenever they want and save on their favorite desserts all year long. This is the ultimate club for cookie lovers. CookieMagic™ will also be a way to keep Insomniacs in the loop about our latest menu items, discounts, and special events,” says Tom Carusona, Chief Marketing Officer of Insomnia Cookies.

The CookieMagic™ membership is $9.99/month andwill offer members one free cookie every single day in addition to other exciting VIP perks all year long. CookieMagic™ Membership includes:

  • One free classic cookie per day in-store or with online orders
  • Free local delivery at all Insomnia Cookies’ locations
  • 20% off nationwide shipping orders. No minimum purchase required, and no limit on how many times per month you can use the discount. This includes sending cookies to someone through your membership.
  • Exclusive perks and promotions like sneak peek tastes of new cookies and menu items, special discounts only available for CookieMagic™ members, VIP event access, and more special surprises.

To sweeten the pot, Insomnia Cookies is offering one free month of CookieMagic™ if customers sign up for a membership between March 23 – 28 with code ‘ITSMAGIC’.

Visit here to sign up for a CookieMagic™ membership or to gift the monthly service to your favorite cookie lover.

To place an order for local cookie delivery or nationwide shipping, visit here.. Local delivery is available until 12 a.m., and stores are open until 1 a.m. or later for most locations.

To keep up-to-date on the latest cookie news, follow Insomnia Cookies on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. To place an order for local delivery or nationwide shipping, visit