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All DMV agencies in New Jersey will now mail your driver’s licenses.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission announced Tuesday this is part of a security upgrade featuring a new license design with modern security features.

Mailing directly to individuals from a secure facility provide greater fraud protection and security.

So what does this mean for you? Two things:

  1. Licenses will no longer be printed while you wait at the DMV but you will receive an interim license while yours is mailed to you
  2. The current printers will be removed from licensing centers meaning your interactions will be quicker and more efficient.

In a release from the NJMVC, the Chief Administrator of the Motor Vehicle Commission, Sue Fulton said, “Our commitment to producing secure, reliable documents requires constant updates to our security, and we’re grateful for the support and counsel of Director Maples and the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness. We already mail hundreds of thousands of licenses via our online and mail renewal systems, but this initiative will round out that process – and have the side effect of speeding your trip if you have to visit the agency in person.”