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Dog food company released the first ever Christmas Song for dogs.

“Raise the Woof!”, is a song that uses over 500 sounds that dogs like and is what the website called ‘waggae’ – reggae designed to wag tails.

Veterinarians and dog behaviorists worked with music producers to create the song. In the song you hear lots of dog buzzwords like “sit”, “walkies”, and “treat” plus squeak toy sound effects and other high frequency sounds all catered towards your furry friend.

All proceeds from 500 copies of a vinyl edition of the song will go toward Dudes and Dogs, with supports men’s mental health by encouraging them to walk and talk with their dogs.

You can check out the song below:

Raise The Woof!

Dogs are the best, and we needed them more than ever this year. This is the first ever Christmas song made just for dogs - we made it for our dogs, your dogs...