Since Alex Trebek sadly passed away, there have been a number of old videos of him circling the internet. But one has popped up that is getting everyone’s attention.

In the vid, the Jeopardy! host is cutting promos for a television version of the show and hilariously delivers the lines. Not only is his dry sense of humor on display, but he shows that he can cuss like the best of them.

He’s saying things like, “So keep watching ‘Jeopardy!’ 24 hours a day and call this number . . . You dumb son of a b—-, you don’t watch it 24 hours a day,” “There’s a daily cash prize of $1,000 and f —-,” and “f —- ’em.”

The clip shows just how charismatic and charming Alex Trebek really was. Watch the legend in action here.

Alex Trebek Through The Years