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The next generation of gaming is officially here, with the kickoff coming from the Xbox Series X launching today with the general public finally getting their hands on it after being teased for what feels like ages by tech and gaming insiders. But if you’ve been waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat having nightmares about your Series X being delayed, today may be the day you check your email and see your fears come true. According to multiple customers on social media, Amazon has begun to delay certain orders on the Xbox Series X, saying their arrival could be delayed as far back as Dec. 31.


Amazon is supposed to be getting more inventory from Microsoft later this year to fulfill the orders for the more powerful Xbox console, and they may be able to deliver some pre-orders before the December 31st date. This was not unexpected as most online retailers sent out emails similar to this in September and October, warning that the massive number of pre-orders could cause some backlog in shipments. Amazon specifically sent out warnings for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X pre-orders in September, each warning of this exact scenario. The real question then becomes; how can you still get an Xbox Series X on launch day? Most retailers aren’t allowing for an in-person pickup, meaning you can’t barnstorm your favorite store and demand the latest console. But if you want a hope of a prayer to pick one up, Target and Walmart are allowing online orders, but no in-person store pickups for coming in off the street. If physical pick up is the thing you are looking for, Gamestop announced that they will have a limited stock that you are possibly able to pick up in the store.


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