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Keith Richards, as it turns out, has been rocking a similar wardrobe during the pandemic like the rest of us mortals.

In a new interview with GQRichards was asked what his “pandemic style” has been like. He responded, “Very comfortable garments. Very casual, I don’t dress up.” When asked if he’s wearing sweatpants at home, he said, “I call them comfies. Yeah. Very baggy soft things. And some Uggy boots…Uggies, you know. The peasant-looking things.”

Richards has been busy promoting his new solo box set, Live At the Hollywood Palladium 1988, but he’s still has a lot going on with the Rolling Stones.

He was asked if the Stones would be honoring the band’s 60th anniversary in 2022 in any way. Richards hilariously responded, “Well, the plans are to still actually all be alive.”

Richards would continue, “Apart from that, at our age, I don’t know. I haven’t heard of any plans, but I’m sure there are things being made. First off, I’m going to get through this year and see how we handle next year. Because I think at the moment, there are more problems than a Rolling Stones celebration. Although I’m very glad that we’re all here, but I’ll leave it at that if I can.”

Richards was also asked how it feels to still be alive considering his mortality has often been the butt of many jokes.

“Every day is a pleasure,” said Richards. “I mean, I don’t wish to defy anybody’s predictions and I’m really not interested in them. But I’ll croak when I croak and everybody will know.”

“Comfies,” “Uggies” and “I’ll croak when I croak.” Keef continues to be cooler than pretty much anyone else on planet Earth.

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