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Talk about a headline most people who don’t follow esports would be surprised to read. Canadian esports org Luminosity Gaming has made an interesting signing by bringing on the number one quadriplegic gamer in the world to join their roster. ‘RockyNoHands’, also known as Rocky Stoutenburgh, is being brought into the esports org as a content creator, but don’t be fooled, Call of Duty isn’t the only thing that this guy has been killing it in. He holds two world records in Fortnite for most kills and most wins using his mouth!


Luminosity Gaming sign a paralyzed streamer who plays Warzone WITH HIS MOUTH who holds two world records for most kills and most wins in Fortnite using his mouth, Shroud announces his return to Twitch and is partnered in less than three hours, and SK Gaming fails to get a VISA for one of their top players which leads him to be unable to compete in Worlds! All the latest in esports news!

Luminosity Gaming and Representation

This is an important signing, because representation is SO IMPORTANT in esports, and to include somebody who is not considered able-bodied in the video game world is crazy to most. But just like disabled people and people of color, having people be represented and also rewarded for their skill is important to show people of all walks of life that esports is an inclusive space that has no time for who can and can’t participate.

It’s also a common practice now for esports organizations to continue signing these content creators who may not be competing professionally for them but still creating content underneath their banner. The move in the future is to have a stable of creators all with a large online presence that will signal boost the efforts of the org themselves in whatever it is they are trying to accomplish.

If you’re going to sign somebody anyways, might as well go big and find a person who stands out not only for their great content and gameplay but also put a win in the column of representation. Way to go Luminosity Gaming!


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