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The recent Microsoft Stream for the Xbox Series X showed off tons of new games for the next-generation console. From heavy hitters like Halo Infinite and Fable to smaller indie titles like Tell Me Why and Everwild. Reactions are mixed, but one game stands out among the rest. The Grounded video game takes the popular 90s movie franchise Honey I shrunk the Kids and adds Fortnite into the mix.

What Is Grounded?

Grounded is a survival game by Obsidian Entertainment for the Xbox consoles and Microsoft Windows. It released on July 28, 2020, in early access. In the game, the player shrinks down and must survive in a backyard from threats like Spiders and Ants. Obsidian Entertainment is a heavy hitter in the gaming space. They’ve developed such hit games as Fallout: New Vegas, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, and The Outer Worlds.

There’s a little bit of Minecraft and Fortnite in the design of Grounded in the form of crafting and base-building. The players explore the open world of the backyard and can collect materials to craft shelter, or weapons in order to hide from and combat various insects. The draw of the game is in both the exploration and the combat, but the multiplayer aspect is where it’s really going to shine.

A perfect example of the unexpected adventure you can find when playing is perfectly displayed by ONE_shot_GURL during one of her streams. She’s in the middle of checking out her crafting menu, not paying attention to what’s going on around her. When she exits out of her menu she’s being attacked by a Wolf Spider which can’t quite make its way into her hut. She then proceeds to fight it off with a toothpick.

Play Grounded

The Grounded video game is one of the unique games that seems to be aimed specifically at kids. With its cartoon-like look and simple mission of exploring a backyard. But the fun, adventure, and excitement it promises to deliver on is something that can and should be enjoyed by gamers of all ages.

The game is already out and available in early in access on the Xbox consoles and Windows platform. It’s likely to go through quite a few changes and content updates as it moves towards its official release date which is currently unknown. Playing in early access gives players the chance to help shape the game through feedback with the developers.


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