At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a warning going around to take Tylenol because ibuprofen could potentially be harmful you have the viruses symptoms. As The Guardian explains, experts warned that the over-the-counter anti-inflammatory could worsen COVID-19 and exasperate the infection.

Now experts think that the medicine could be used as a treatment. Per the New York Post, the National Library of Medicine’s clinical trial database shows that ibuprofen may be an effective defense against COVID-19. “Doctors are beginning clinical research on patients in a trial program dubbed ‘Liberate,’ wherein half of the test subjects will be treated with ibuprofen while the other half will receive treatment without the added drug.”

They point out that the study will not use the pill found in drugstores.  They will instead use the lipid capsule form that is prescribed for conditions like arthritis.

Although they are in the early stages of the study, researchers are hopeful. The outlet adds, “Findings in animal studies have suggested that ibuprofen could treat acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is known to develop in coronavirus patients.”

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