90’s kids rejoice! Lisa Frank is on Instagram and she just posted something super relevant.

Everyone is home and has been a captive audience for the Netflix release of Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness.

The show has been #1 on Netflix for weeks, and rightly so. None of the characters are all that likeable, but ALL of them are characters.

So what does the show’s main character Joe Exotic have to do with Lisa Frank? Well, there’s this meme.

Phil Stodola

Holy Crap! I forgot about Lisa Frank! Hahahahahaha. Meme stolen from Jenni Susen-Lawonn.

Then yesterday, Lisa Frank posted fan art to Instagram of Joe Exotic (Tiger King) done up Lisa Frank style.

It’s great.

The caption said, “The internet gets what the internet wants! ???? If you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point!”

So true.

Netflix responded to the post saying, “Oh my god, I’m tossing out all my other binders rn.”

Us too.

Here are some other great Tiger King memes compiled by the New York Post.

~ Kristen