It’s a very strange time, but today is the first day of spring!

Saint Patrick’s Day was on Tuesday, and it reeeally didn’t feel like Saint Patrick’s Day.

While we can’t do much to usher in the new season while in quarantine, we can celebrate spring today by beginning to prepare our gardens .

When the Philly Home and Garden Show was in town, I had the chance to shoot a promotional video for the show at a place called Floral and Hardy, in Skippack. It was a great spot for our succulent design competition.

While there to shoot the video, I was blown away by how beautiful just the building alone was, in the middle of winter.

It looks like a cottage out of a fairy tale. I can’t wait to go back and see it filled with green and colorful flowers.

To be clear, this is not an advertisement. I’m sure it feels like it, but I just really loved visiting this place, and this week I ordered a BUNCH of different types of flowers and herbs from them.

They (like everyone) are closed temporarily, BUT they are having a Spring Fling sale! Right now, and online. Order HERE.

They have lots of flowers and herbs and veggies and annuals and perennials and all of it available on sale by pre-order!

A perfect shopping experience for this first day of spring, while in quarantine.

They also do over a hundred classes a year (maybe less with COVID-19), on all things from succulents to centerpieces. They hold a class called “How to make your beautiful garden pollinator friendly”, plus fairy garden workshops and painting in the garden.

I’m telling you, this place is special.

HERE‘s where you can find all that you need to know.

Happy spring!

~ Kristen