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The viral #fliptheswitchchallenge is the newest internet trend.

It’s trending like crazy on Twitter and TikTok, and to participate, all you have to do is switch clothes with someone!

Wanna Try? Set the video to the song Nonstop by Drake. When Drake says “flipped”, turn off the lights, switch clothes with someone, then turn the lights back on. Give it a shot!

Elizabeth Warren surprised the SNL audience on Saturday night by appearing on the show over the weekend, after exiting the presidential race this week. She was in the cold open with her SNL impersonator Kate McKinnon. Backstage, the two made one of the viral #fliptheswitchchallenge videos together. Their clothes were exactly the same… but it was still fun. The SNL Twitter and Instagram accounts both posted the video.

Drake commented on the video on Instagram by saying, “Wow I need to come home”. Sometimes these things take on a life of their own.

Jennifer Lopez did the challenge with Alex Rodriguez, who ends up in a skintight white dress. She posted the video this morning.

Here are a few more examples.


Who would you like to see participate?

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