The Whitney Houston hologram will be heading out on tour in early 2020 in Mexico and then travel to Europe for tour dates in March and April. A tour in the United States is expected to take place in fall 2020.

Welcome to the future. Whitney Houston is touring again. Well, her hologram is.

While it seems straight out of the Jetson’s, it’s true.  “An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour,” begins in England on February 25th, 8 years after the singer’s death. While I can’t wait to hear the reviews of the European tour, I’m even more excited for the US dates (hopefully) and the set list!

Whitney Houston’s catalogue is filled with so many hits. Who doesn’t want to see “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, “So Emotional”, “How Will I Know,” and “I Will Always Love You” performed live… sort of? Those songs alone can make any DJ set, or even a commute to work a party. If we can no longer see Whitney Houston perform in person, it’s really the next best thing. Her music lives on, and now so does her dancing, singing, (and yes, touring) Whitney Houston hologram. According to The Associated Press, the tour also includes a live band, and backup singers and dancers that intermittently interact with the Whitney Houston hologram.

The show was developed using a Whitney Houston body double and CGI technology. They based the hologram’s movements on past Whitney Houston performances, and according to Rolling Stone, “Producers have “Whitney” wear multiple detailed outfits, from a bright orange jumpsuit to a more frilly gold dress. Whitney’s hologram looks wet when they pour rain on her.”

As for me, I’m not sure where the Black Mirror episode ends and real life begins anymore. Next we’ll be able to watch all of our favorite artists’ holograms (living or dead) from the comfort of our homes, whenever we like. Open a card and have a Tom Petty hologram wish you a happy birthday. “Hey there, American Girl! Happy Birthday!” Mark my words…

That being said, I am sooo excited to see this in person, if and when the tour hits the US.

I get “So Emotional” just thinking about it.