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Today the Philadelphia City Commissioners announced the finalists for the new “I Voted” Sticker.

You know, the sticker that they hand you after you’ve voted, to wear proudly for the rest of the day. The “I voted and I want credit” sticker.

The Philadelphia City Commissioners partnered with the Philadelphia School District, to host a contest to redesign the sticker. Anyone in the Philadelphia School District or a resident of Philadelphia was eligible to enter. From over 150 entries, they have narrowed the choices to 9 finalists.

Christian Belluso – Adult, Adam Englehart  – Adult, David Golden  – Adult, Katie Fish  – College, Gianna DiAddezio  – College, Isaak Popkin – High School, Eddie Wang – High School, Elodie, Breslin – K-8th Grade, Noah Seder – K-8th Grade.

Vote for your favorite design HERE.

Voting is now open, and will remain open until 11:45pm on March 1st. The winner will be announced soon after.