Janet Jackson announced her Black Diamond World Tour yesterday morning, and we’ve got tickets to give away on the morning show all week!

The Philly date is July 9th at the Wells Fargo Center. Tickets go on sale Thursday at noon at

Last night she was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and she talked about the new album, the new world tour in support of the album, her three year old son, and the story behind the song Nasty on her her breakout album “Cover”…

Apparently, she was walking with a friend and a group of older men were catcalling them. She went back to the studio that night and talked about it, and that was the inspiration for the song. Hear her tell it below, and then Questlove asks her about the key in her hoop earrings:

One of my favorite parts of the interview was when Jimmy Fallon asked her whether her son is musical and she replied, “Are you kidding me???”. The kid turned 3 years old on January 3rd and has already played the violin, is currently taking cello lessons, and has a drum kit that was given to him by Questlove. Here’s the clip:

They also (of course) talk about the Black Diamond World Tour and confirm that there will be a new album, called Black Diamond. She chose Black Diamond because black diamonds are known to be “the toughest of the diamonds to cut – hard to destroy”, and in recent years she’s come to realize that she is incredibly strong. When Jimmy Fallon asked her what she wants people to take away from her Janet Jackson concert, she replied “Whatever stress, troubles in their life – for those two hours just to leave them all behind, and hopefully they’ll have an incredible time.”

We’re pretty confident they (we) will. Your chance to win a pair of tickets with Kristen on the morning show just after 8am every morning this week!