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Everybody loves a good palindrome!

Today’s date is sooo special.

That big football game you may have heard about, sure. Groundhog Day of course (Phil predicted early spring!), every year on February 2nd.

But THIS year – today’s date is also a super rare 8-digit palindrome.

02/02/2020 reads the same way backward and forward.

You know, palindrome! Dammit, I’m mad! – Was it a rat I saw? – Do geese see God?

The 02/02/20 8-digit palindrome works in the UK version too, with the month and date position swapped.

The last time this 8-digit date palindrome happened was 909 years ago on: 11/11/1111.

We may not live to see the next one, but we won’t have to wait another 900 years. The next 8-digit palindrome date will happen on 12/12/2121 (in 101 years).