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Spend Valentine's Day in the most romantic city

Many people have visited ‘Juliet’s House’ in Verona (yes… that Juliet), but here’s a chance for you to spend the night in this historic place – this Valentine’s Day!

Airbnb is holding a contest right now that will allow one lucky couple to spend the night in the place where Romeo & Juliet first said, ‘I love you’ to each other:  Casa di Giuletta in Verona, Italy.

The trip includes a personal butler, cooking demonstrations, a candlelight dinner and a private tour of the home and the city of Verona.

The house/museum is open everyday as a museum and attracts many visitors all day long. One lucky couple (maybe you!) gets to sleep over this Valentine’s Day.

Just log-in to your Airbnb account and submit your best love letter and application to this website.

Be sure to apply by February 2nd at 11:59pm for your chance to ditch your feuding families and rekindle your love in an epic-ly Shakespearean way. Just leave the poison and daggers at home will ya?