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3rd September 1984: British rock group Queen in concert with singer Freddie Mercury (Frederick Bulsara, 1946 - 1991) and guitarist Brian May.

The British Royal Mint has honored Queen, and not Her Majesty this time. The band!

They issued a commemorative coin on Monday featuring the legendary band, and it’s the first time a band has been on English currency — an honor normally reserved for royalty.

The “Bohemian Rhapsody”-themed coin depicts the band’s instruments: Brian May’s Red Special guitar, John Deacon’s Fender Precision bass, Roger Taylor’s Ludwig bass drum and Freddie Mercury’s Bechstein grand piano.

“This is a big ‘Who could have imagined it?’ moment for us,” says May. “When we began as Queen, even the first rung of the ladder to recognition seemed remote and unreachable. To have our band recognized and our music celebrated in this way is very touching. A real honor.”

Find the uncirculated coin, available in a few different slipcase covers HERE for about 13-15 pounds ($17-$20), plus shipping.

Let’s hope this is the first of many bands honored this way. We may all become coin collectors yet! 🙂