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Lisa from WAWA stops by the station with their new limited reserve blends, and Kristen's horrible nail polish job (bottom right).

Early mornings are tough, and I’m obviously not quite used to them yet.

This morning on the show we were talking about being sleep deprived. Listeners texted in with all sorts of fun stories of taking the kids to see fireworks on July 3rd, driving away with the gas pump still attached, and a flight attendant named Ellen texted in about arriving at work at the airport 3 hours early this morning.

I used to work overnights and then come home and leave my keys in the door. In the city! My mailman was always nice enough to take them out of the door and leave them in the mail box for me. This morning, I arrived at work covered in nail polish after falling asleep last night while painting my nails. My sheets, pajamas, DOG (Gloria), and especially hands are still covered in yellow nail polish.

Thank goodness for coffee.

What’s your best ‘too tired to function’ story?

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~ Kristen