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Rent The Chicken

Have you ever wanted a chicken? Gather fresh eggs right from your own backyard? Well, now you can!

The Pittsburgh-based company “Rent The Chicken” was established in 2013. They have expanded their services all over the country, and are now offering their services (chickens) in the Philadelphia area! This rental service allows you to give taking care of chickens a try, without the commitment of keeping the chickens forever.

“Rent The Chicken” provides you with 2 hens and gives you all the supplies you need in order to care for the chickens for 6 months. It costs $450 and they will set up everything for you right in your backyard. You will get around 12 farm fresh eggs from just 2 hens, every day!

The chickens typically lay their eggs between 9am and 3pm each day. Collect your farm fresh eggs every night!

The best part… you can “chicken” out at anytime, and the company will come and pick them up. It’s a great opportunity to try raising chickens, with the resources provided for you to do so successfully.

Check out their website for more information