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Google Trends can tell us a lot about ourselves. A lot of stuff we probably don’t want to know, but also fun stuff like “The Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dishes” in the country.

According to their search data, in the tri-state area – Pennsylvania and New Jersey love stuffing (accurate). Delaware? Sweet potatoes.

It gets pretty specific too. Some states search for “creamy mashed potatoes”, while others just type in “mashed” for recipes. Check HERE for the full map.

There’s a great map there too for how individual states cook the turkey. The majority of states enjoy smoked turkey, while states in the northeast prefers their birds roasted and a portion of the southeast like it fried. The northeast also has the few states who choose to search “Thanksgiving Parade” over “Thanksgiving Football”. Probably because we’ve got the NYC Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and our own 6ABC Dunkin Thanksgiving Parade (the 100th this year!!) right here in our area.

Whether you parade or watch football, whatever you cook and however you cook it, have a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday.

You did it right if you end up so full you can’t move.

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