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So there’s this guy, Ryan Schott – and he really loves Wawa. (I know. Who doesn’t, right?)

Well, Ryan was so disappointed to learn that Wawa’s rival Sheetz has more Twitter followers than Wawa does, that he’s decided to donate $10,000 to turn those numbers around. If his campaign #followwawa is successful, Wawa will have more followers on Twitter than Sheetz by December 6th.

If this feat is accomplished by December 6th, he will personally donate $10,000 to Philabundance.

None of the companies are directly involved: Sheetz, Wawa, or Philabundance.

It’s just this fun thing, by this passionate Wawa fan, to possibly raise $10,000 for Philabundance….while putting Wawa’s Twitter follower numbers right where they belong (which is well over Sheetz).

Can you tell where I stand on the whole Wawa vs. Sheetz debate? (*Although I do love the Sheetz pretzel rolls.)

Whether you’re a Sheetz fan or a Wawa fan, be sure to #followwawa on Twitter  – because with a donation of $10,000 to Philabundance, everyone wins.

As of this post, Wawa has 353.5k followers and Sheetz has 517.8k. Keep those @wawa follows coming!

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