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Over the weekend the Twitter universe had a debate. What do you call those ice pops that you buy unfrozen, all different flavors and colors, each about a foot long and basically just colored sugar in plastic? Everyone seems to call them something different.

Melanie texted the station and said Flavor Ice Pops. (Which I think is the brand around here locally.)

A few texts said – Freeze Pop in fact – Scott in Northampton said to call it anything else is blasphemous.

Glenn texted in and said Icee is the term. (I think Icy Pop is what I’ve called them in the past too.)

Someone else said Push ups – which makes sense, since you push the ice up as you eat it.

Otter pops is really common too, but it seemed to be more of a Midwest thing on Twitter.

Bolis is what a lot of Mexican families called them.

Zooper Doopers was common too, and that’s what they call them in Australia according to Twitter folks.

Ice Poles, Mr. Freeze, Freezies… and my two favorites were “deadly sugar wrapped in deadly plastic” and “mouth corner cutters”.


What do you call them? Weigh in on the BEN-FM Facebook page. Maybe we can come to a consensus.

~ Kristen