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I’m not a ‘complain to the manager’ kind of person, but yesterday I thought about it.

I went out with my Mom, and my in-laws too on Mother’s Day. We went to see The Sound of Music on the big screen. It was everyone’s first time seeing it in the theater, and it was awesome. I love that movie so much. I’ve seen it a hundred times, but always want to watch it whenever it’s on. All three hours of the movie flew by, especially since we went to one of those theaters where you can order food and even alcohol, right to your seat. It was lovely… until I looked at the receipt.

After we left, I read the receipt and noticed that I was charged for something that has always been free. I was charged $2.50 for asking for butter on the popcorn. $2.50 for butter, and not even the good stuff. They used that gross powder butter. I would pay THEM $2.50 to leave that off. A $9 popcorn bucket to begin with, and they added almost $3 more to add gross butter powder on top.

I know it was only $2.50, but it’s the principle. More and more companies are cutting corners in so many different ways lately, whether cutting their own employees, or adding fees or charging for services and extras that used to be complimentary. What are some examples that have bothered you lately?

Here are some that we got via text:

Baggage fees on airlines. For that matter, snacks and drinks and just about everything else.

Refills on soda.

A glass of water (seltzer too). Sometimes even ice.

Uncorking fees at a BYOB restaurant.

Plastic bags at the grocery store.

Air for your tires.

What else are we now being charged for that used to be free of charge?

~ Kristen