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Afternoons with Kristen Herrmann

Weekdays 3:00pm - 7:00pm

Hi! I’m Kristen Herrmann. I’m originally from Exeter Township in Reading, PA (Berks County). I moved to Philadelphia in 2002 to attend Temple University and never looked back. I love this city and I’m so proud to live here and work for this super fun radio station. I’ve worked within our radio cluster in one capacity or another since 2005. You can hear me on 95.7 BEN-FM weekday afternoons from 3pm-7pm and on my BEN Around Philly show on Saturday mornings at 7:30am. CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast anytime!

Kristen Herrmann

10 Things to know about Kristen Herrmann

10 Things to Know About Kristen:

1.) My eyes are two different colors.
2.) A white pitbull named Gloria often joins me in the studio. She does most of the work.
3.) When asked about my favorite movie, I always respond Amelie… (but it’s really Independence Day). Favorite shows are The West Wing and The Wire.
4) I’ve played roller derby with Philly Roller Derby since 2006, competing as Ginger Vitis with the number 957 (of course).
5.) I have a big, wonderful family that includes five adorable nieces and nephews,(and one more on the way)! Family parties are utter chaos.
6.) My husband and I met at the Girard El stop. I was lost and he gave me directions.
7.) I graduated from Temple University where I rowed four years for Temple Women’s Crew (starboard).
8.) My food pyramid consists of mostly candy and any food found at a carnival.
9.) I love musical theater but I am an impressively bad singer. Life’s cruel joke.
10.) I almost always would rather be playing BINGO.


10 Things to know about Gloria

1.) I am named after the Laura Branigan song “Gloria,” NOT the Them or Patti Smith song “Gloria,” but I’ve heard those songs are also about dogs.
2.) I am a white and black pit-bull and I adopted my hooman Kristen through the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) after they found me tied to a tree in Port Richmond.
3.) Likes: Treats, swimming, long walks on the beach, and being a famous radio DJ (dog jockey).
4.) Dislikes: Chocolate, grapes, “those” whistles ?, skateboards, roller-skates and anything with tiny wheels.
5.) Self-care is a big goal for me in 2019; walk every day, drink plenty of water, get as much rest as I can.
6.) If you run water for a bath, I will join you whether you like it or not. I’ll stay in the water as long as it is warm, and I adore a nice blow-out afterwards.
7.) I am a vicious destroyer of most stuffed animals, but am merciful toward a lucky few.
8.) My preferred seat is on top of any hooman.
9.) I love wearing hooman costumes and clothes, except for hats with a brim.
10.) Scorpio. Holla!