Two inmates on a work crew in Oregon got drunk on the alcohol from hand sanitizer, then went joyriding on a stolen ATV until deputies caught up with them.

The 2 men were part of a four-inmate work crew at a ranch. At some point, they drank sanitizer from a container in the jail van, took off on a sheriff officer’s four-wheeler and broke through a ranch entrance gate on their way off the land.

It’s not clear from the sheriff’s office how much hand sanitizer they drank. The amount of alcohol in hand sanitizer ranges from 45 percent to 95 percent, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

Someone later called 911 and reported seeing the duo speeding in the area on the ATV and riding in circles.

Officers apprehended the 2 drunk men & they were sentenced to 100 days in jail for driving under the influence & their driver’s licenses was also suspended for life.